Friday, 8 August 2008

Boat Hunt!

On your boat quest make a start, To somewhere you can ride a cart! Mine.

Surfers have to stay afloat, If they want to find this boat! Cove.

In a shop where beans are ground, You'll find a boat floating around! Coffee Shop.

In snowy shores among the rocks, Is where the missing boat is docked! Beach

Below the street is where it's found, So head downstairs and swim around! Pool/Cave

Poor Rory is in quite a kerfuffle, Look for this boat near a puffle! Pet Shop

You're nearly there so don't you stop! You'll find this boat where penguins hop! Dock

If this boat was made of brick, It might get this place to tip! Iceberg

It's very easy if you know Club Penguin but if you don't keep checking in because I'll post pictures!


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