Tuesday, 23 September 2008

New site

the new site is www.cphelpers2.wordpress.com

Monday, 22 September 2008

Good and Bad news.

Hi guys.
We have good, and bad news. It is.. Drum role please.
We are moving to wordpress! Some people class that as good, others bad.
The reasons for doing it are:
1. All our widgets and polls down the side went, and we can't get 'em back. It says there still there!!
2. Wordpress gives you your own pages, whoo! We could have a page about Poly + Becky.
3. Wordpress blogs are found quicker than blogger ones.
So see you on the famous side, dudes! We will post the new URL here when we get it.

Ok, two M's!

You may think this is a happy happy ridiculously happy post but its not... It's kind of... Sad? Well not really may more.. Business-y and Serious... So the 2 M's are....... Messed up! - The site has started to mess up... Moving! - Sorry to say this (it isn't for definite but) because of MESSED UP we might move... The URL would be different (obviously) and we might, might, might, just might (!) change the name.... Not of this site though... The new one... I have been experimenting and found out the side thingys are at the bottom.... SO! Sorry for the inconvinience but go to the bottom and take our poll.. Actually no. The poll is here... I'll have to use Polldaddy (Puke up!) which is the site I HATE!!! So heres the poll.... There is
  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Please!
  4. Never!
  5. I'll go with the biggest answer!
  6. I don't really care (or) You Decide!
  7. Come on my site with me!


Sunday, 21 September 2008


Just popped on to say hi.... OK theres a few things I wanna tell you... This site has kind of stopped updating cheats.... Yeah, we do it occasionally but we have really stopped.. Well, if you do want them go to these sites... All of these are in My Favorites... SnowdobbyWatexMike92 Transalta 10pinkgirlUAE Dubai Dude Becky1507

Story - Part 4

I clutch the book tightly against me. I climb down from the chair and walk outside. It feels strange...
Like someones following me...
But no-one is there.
It's the next morning, and I look at the book again. My eyes had been playing tricks last night, for it didn't say 'Every Villion Is Lemmons' But 'Every Villion is loving'.
That makes me wonder even more what Charly is doing.
I decide to give her a visit. I run along the snow and bang on her door.
"Coming!" Someone shouts, and Charly answers the door.
"Oh it's you again..." She says, "Come in"
"Charly! What are you planning, I found this book behind your clock!" I blurt out.
Charly stairs at me, she is VERY angry.
"One thing my nick-name is LOTTIE! Not Charly, two what on fishland where you doing with my clock!" She shouts.
"Because I'm your sister, and I want you back!" I call.
"You arn't my sister! Your mad!" She shouts back.
"Just tell me what this book is about," I reply
"No!" Charly says.
She pushes me away. I guess I had better go, I'll come back when shes calmed down.
3 hours later, I decide I should see her again.
But she won't let me in.
"I'm sorry!" I call.
After a long fight, she lets me in.
"Yes?" She asks.
"Tell me about the book "No-one knows about the book, not even my Dad, not even my best friend! Why should I tell you?" She asks.
"Because I'm your sister, I am I am!" I call.
Charly shuts her eyes,
"Please be quiet, PLEASE!" She calls, tears in her eyes.
"Are you crying?" I ask.
"No" Replies Charly.
"You are!" I say softly. "Come on, tell me whats up"
Charly stairs at me with her big eyes.
"Ok" She says quitely.
"I had this sister once. But one day, we were fighting. And I told her I hated her, and for her too go away. I didn't mean it, but, well... She did go, and I couldn't find her. Then someone said they found her Body, and she was dead." Tears dripped down from Charlys face, "Anyway, why do you keep thinking I'm your sister. What happened to yours?" She asks.
"We were arguing, about, about something stupid. I told her too go away, and she ran. And got hit" I began to cry.
Charly looks up.
"We could work together, and try and find our sisters?" She askes.
I nodded. I knew she could help... Somehow.

Friday, 19 September 2008

The Story - Part 3

Read the story below if you havn't read any of it before.
And shes gone...
And its all my fault...
"Charly! Charly" I'm scared now, I keep shouting
Nothing is happening, and I look so stupid, everyone is stairing at me and the Chubby Penguin is shaking his head.
But I'm not shutting up, I need Charly. She always was the one who made everything more exctiting, I just wanted to see her again...
Her big grin, it always made her look full of mischeif, well she was...
Her messy brown hair, always stuck out in two bunches...
And her pendent...
I try to imagine her there... But I can't... Then I see her, shes looking at me
"Charly?" I ask running at her. It is her! I grab her hand,
"Charly, I was so worried!" I say. But Charly looks blank.
"Um I'm sorry, but do I know you?" She asks.
"Don't joke Charly! It's your sister!" I grin.
"I don't have a sister." Replies Charly.
"But Charly..." And then I notice that its not my Charly. Well it is Charly, but her life has been changed. Her hair is gently brushed back, she doesn't have the grin she always had. And her pendent is just all wrong.
"My name is Charlotte." She says. "But everyone calls me Lottie."
"But, but why not Charly, where is Lottie in your name?" I ask
"Charlotte has lotte at the end, so we say Lottie" Charly smiles.
"Charly -- I mean Lottie, Where do you live?" I ask
Charly looks at me. She thinks I'm mad.
"At this massive house" She says. "It has a floor, and we have our own fishing holes, and we have an attic, my bedrooms up there. If you like I'll show you."
"Yes please." I say, and we're off.
"Here is my bed." Says Charly, or Lottie as she is know as. "Her are my toys"
She has boxes of toys. Then she stops.
"You should go home now." She says, "Bye bye!"
I can't ask her anything because she pushes me away. I just climb down the ladder.
And the I see it...
A cookoo clock...
High on the shelf. I look around. No-one is there. I climb up the chair, and reach the clock.
Theres something pushed begind it. A book. I rench it out.
Its very dusty. I blow the dust of, still half the words and letters are missing.
It says: 'Every Villon is Lemons... or EVIL'.... How weird...

Story - Part 2

If you havn't read part one, you won't understand this at all. Read it, then come back!
"How?" Asked Lila
"Easy peasy, pizza cheasy!" Grinned Charly "When Fatty is locking up, we sneak in"
"You shouldn't be so rude!" Replied Lila sharply,
"Your not my boss!" Replied Charly
"I'm the aldest!" Said Lila grabbing Charly and shaking her. She was obviusly annoyed.
"Oh by like two mintutes! Big deal, you can't change me so you need to start living with me NOW." Charly pushed her away.
"Well maybe I can't!" Lila was raising her voice.
"Oooh what are you saying?" Shouted Charly
"I'm saying maybe we would be better if we split up... FOREVER!" Shouted Lila
Her words ecoed round the street.
"Fine," Replied Chaarly and she began to run,
And shes running down the path
And, and theres this noise
And piles of snow and rocks fall from a mountain
just by Charly
And theres a scream - Charly's scream -
The rocks from, from the averlance.
And there on top of her.
And then, then the rocks are gone,
And so is Charly...
And all I can her is the eco of the scream, and the eco - my eco - shouting FOREVER! And the sound of a cookoo clock...

Thursday, 18 September 2008

The Story - Part one!

"It's so cold!" Shivered Lila, her teeth chattering violently.
"I-I know." Replied her younger sister Charly.
They were both twins, Lila was the oldest and Charlotte, nicknamed Charly, the younger of the two.
"Where are we going to spend the night?" Asked Lila, "Oooh I'm so hungry" she mumbled holding her tummy.
"I'm starving too, we havn't eaten for three days now, and my sleeps have been restless," Agreed Charly.
"The Pizza Parler never help us, the Coffee Shop is a no-go and all the fishing holes are blocked." Nodded Lila
"We could spend the night at the Ski Lodge? They might have a tiny amount of food they are willing to share" Suggested Charly.
"I doubt they will have food, and I'm I bet if they do they won't share it, but hey, we might aswell try it." Said Lila.
"No, you can't have any of the food, or drink, and you most certainly can't stay here this night!" Said a Chubby Penguin at the desk.
"Why not? You certainly have another fat to last you a long time! Were starving to death here!" Replied Charly very rudely.
"Shh Charly!" Whispered Lila "Don't be so rude!"
"Well, you see we live in a thing called REALITY, and in REALITY we have to work for food!" Replied the Chubby Penguin.
"Why can't we sleep here atleast?" Asked Lila "We only need the night."
"This is a Ski Lodge not a Hotel, and we are closing in 5 minutes so I'd get my beak out of here, or theres trouble!" He told them.
"Oooh trouble I'm so scared!" Said Charly sarcasticly.
The Chubby Penguin narrowed his eyes, "I don't like you, not at all!" He muttered angrly at Charly
"Ditto!" Grinned Charly
"CLOSING TIME!" Called the Chubby Penguin. He looked at Charly and Lila "So get outta here!"
"No way, fatay!" Called Charly, very rudely.
"Charly were going!" Said Lila pulling her away and out the door.
"I'm watching you!" Called Charly "Always watching!"
"Why did you drag me out?" Asked Charly angerly,
"Because we were not getting anywhere, anyway we will have to sleep out here tonight... Again!" Said Lila
"Oh no were not" grinned Charly slyly, "Were breaking in the Lodge and sleeping there!"


Hello!! We decided our video name... BPPS! Becky Poly Polo and Searcher... We arent changing our videos but on our videos we will put BPPS if we do put a name... Check out www.bpps-videos.blogspot.com to check out all our video news! Thats all! Check out the new News! I havent yet but Im on my way!!!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008


We have a story coming out in parts! Tomorrow we will publish chapter one. Here is the thing that would normally be on the back of the book: It could change the world…’ “How? I just can’t understand you!” Two penguin sisters on Club Penguin are very poor. They have no father or mother to keep them safe, they mainly depend on each others wits to give them the supply or food and warmth… But an old, mysterious clock separates them, and they find themselves battling for everything. One has forgotten about her sister, and is left to find what she has forgotten… The other faintly remembers her sibling. Though this journey they learn this: ‘There is always someone out there’

Monday, 15 September 2008

A green puffle can ride a bike with no handlebars!

Ok this post hasn't really got to do with Club Penguin, but don't worry, nothing mager is happening! Anyway before I start on my random subject I gotta say this: I WANT THAT HAIR IN THE NEWSPAPER! Ok now I'll start my subject: Have you heard the song: Handlebars. It's a catchy song, and the first line goes: I can ride my bike with no handlebars, no handle bars, no handle bars! When I first heard it I was like, 'This song is a bit pointless..' then the two radio channels I like to listen to: 'Radio 1' and 'Nation' kept playing the song. And guess what? The more I heard the song... The more it grew on me... And by the 3rd time I'd heard it, I was even singing along to some of the lines! Then when I searched 'Club Penguin - Handlebars' I watched it... Then I went on Club Penguin to feed my puffle. After I fed them, I let them play... And guess what? My green puffle jumps on a bike... With no handlebars! I know all green puffles do this. But I was quite suprised that no Club Penguin - Handlebars song I have seen has showed this green puffle!

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Ruby and the Ruby! Gettin' ready for our 150th!

Ruby and her Ruby! Oh no! Some one has stolen Ms. Ruby's ruby gem-stone? Where could it be? Jacques Hammer is on the case! "I'll find your gem-stone Ms. Ruby!" "Jacques! There isn't time!" "Why ever not?!" "Club Penguin Helpers are getting ready for their 150th!" "Ahh! No! No time to chat!! We are gunna be late! Snip-snap!" "This is gunna be great!!" Woo-hoo!!! 150th!! We can't wait! Just incase we aren't able to, heres a long post dedicated to our 150th! And also, we are turning one soon! That's extremely special! Here's a song: That was Hasta La Vista from Camp Rock.. All you Americans have seen it but it's not out til Friday the 19th here in Britain... Me and Searcherdude LOVE the Jonas Brothers! Yeah a bit of sad news... Searcherdude doesn't post anymore and never will... ...So what else have we to talk about..? The very very nice pink hair in the newspaper! Go to the INFOCUS page and look at the DJ tourguide.. Where do we get that hair? Will it be coming out soon?? There is many things to ask... Me and Poly love that hair.. Poly likes it because its got green headphones... I like it because its pink and it looks good... I'm that much of a pink-fan by the way! Blue is the best! Then turqoise green, the yellow then red then normal green! We also like the yellow and pink scarf she is wearing!I think the colours go so well! Check out the sites on the side: I haven't been to any in ages! --> Ruby and the Ruby is the new stage play! There are two NEW PINS! The Magnifier Glass is on the tree at the Dock, bottom, right corner... The Ruby Pin is at the stage! Can you see it? NO!! Here's how you get it... Go to the Stage.. Click the draws... Click the Lamp.. Click the Bin.. Click the book.. Click the picture on the wall.. Click the safe.. Click the Ruby.. You have the pin! Today is an extremely boring day.. Hopefully you will check this and read it.. What do you do when your bored? If you go on the computer, what do you do? Comment us!! Who loves the Jonas Brothers? Nick's birthday is in two days! He will be 16!! Yeah! What have you done over the holidays? What are you doing now? What's your school like? There isnt much else to say... Except, expect (Oooh! Rhymey!!) a new video... I was thinking.. Our Video Productions Group.. CPH is a bit of a nerdy name for that.. No affence to us... So help us decide a totally cool awesome name.. Becky1507

Saturday, 13 September 2008


Heres my piczo site: www.piczo.com/becky1507cp .. Go on it.. Its got a bit about me and some about Poly amd Searcher..
Also, I had a really random thought.. Winnie the Pooh (aww he's lush!) says Flutterby! We say Butterfly..
So! Mix them both up and you either get Butterby, or Flutterfly!! Isn't that cool?! Well, not really but who cares!
Click on that pic! It goes massive! I put it on super-zoom!


Well, heres all the info on the new contest... Draw your picture in the binocular holes.. Heres the rules:
  1. Practically, the Club Penguin rules... Your picture musnt have rude words in it...
  2. It has to be to do with Club Penguin...
  4. It has to include atleast one penguin or a famous CP monument like the Lighthouse...

Please enter this contest and heres the ways of entering...

  1. Email us with your picture... Either attach it or insert it onto your email... Next you comment us saying I have entered, and put your name! DON'T ADD WHAT YOUR PICTURE IS OF!! Put your site or email...
  2. Or if you don't know how or dont have an email... Put your entry on your site... Comment us with the site address and... Actually thats it!! Or if you dont have a site and instead have a youtube, put it on a video on your youtube! Then comment us with the video URL...

Now once again here is the binocular holes:

And I bought the painters suit and was painting everything!!! Heres SOME pics:

Missed a bit!!

Painting the Rings! Why the Sea is Blue!! And while I was checking out the stage this is what I saw... Is that penguin eyes?? From Becky1507

250th Post!

Edit In!! : Sorry guys! Not the 150th! 145th actually! Blogger got it wrong.. Sorry! Even longer one for the real150th though!! From Becky1507
Its the 250 post! So this will be longer. Anway I have good news! Well two pieces of good news! The Fall Fair is coming back! And our 2nd piece of good news is... Dun dun dun... We will be making another Club Penguin video. Not the Super Hero one though, and brand new video type. Here is a sneak Peak!
Anyway, until we make it, we might make a video with picture sneak peaks! Also Club Penguin have shown a Fall fair sneek peak. Here is the picture:
They Blue and pink things... They look like Candyfloss... Or Ice-cream? Why don't you guess? Lets do a poll to find out! Hurry for Polls!

Friday, 12 September 2008

New Comp. and news!!

I have got a new competition for you all!!! It includes usind paint or Adobe Photoshop or other picture editing software... It is called.. Through My Binoculars I See..? It includes a picture of black binoculars and you draw the picture inside them! What do you see throught your binoculars..? I see a blue penguin saying...... Boo!!
If you want to send us yours, heres the thing you draw it on...
Ok now send it to cphelpers@hotmail.com and write a message! Or if you can't attach, put it on your blog or site and comment or email us with the URL/Site address!!
Check out everything on CP
Becky xxxxxx

Wednesday, 10 September 2008


Ohh... We have way too much homework to post!! Whats worse is MY COMPUTERS BROKE!!! And normally I would do everything on this old old home made computer at my relative's house but guess what?! ITS BROKEN TOO!!! Well, the internet is! Luckily, I FORCED my mum (mum, mom, whatever! Im british!) to let me go on her comp(uter) and now I'm on it but the next time I will be able to do a post is Friday! OMG!! I HATE SCHOOOLLL!!! Its annoying! WE HAVE THREE HOMEWORKS IN ONE DAY!!! Atleast today our homework was drawing! Well check out all the stuff on CP The fall fair is cumin back!! Becky1507

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Back to School!!

Hi guys!!! We went back to school today! I DON'T HAVE A NEW PENCIL!!! :D:D
Now today I found out I liked custard cake and also found out.. Um.. We have a new teacher called Mr. Wintle.. (Not Winkle!!) Also, the most number of pupils in a class in our school is 20. Yes, too small, and their is only one class in each year.. But now, we are in Year 7 and there is 24 people!!! So our class got split into two groups.. Me and Poly are in the same class and we are sitting next to each other but Searcherdude is in class B... We are class A, for Awesome, Ace, and Amazingly cool!! Woop woop!
Well I'm sure you don't really care about that so!! What did you do over the Summer Holidays??? Something fun?? Well, I went on the computer and I went to Costa de Sol in Spain! Woop woop! BIG PRIVATE POOL!! All Mine!! Mwahahahaa!! Nah not really... It was private and mine but also other peoples...
Heres a picture::

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Little Video

Because we will be back in school tomorrow, our posts will be a bit late, hope thiss video will make up for it!

Back to school.

We've got school tomorrow. So we won't be posting as much 'cos school = Homework, lessons and tirdness, lol (laugh out loud). Click this link http://www.youtube.com/watchv=mhvoRdYw0qA and enjoy the video. We have some picture for you below, enjoy!