Friday, 19 September 2008

The Story - Part 3

Read the story below if you havn't read any of it before.
And shes gone...
And its all my fault...
"Charly! Charly" I'm scared now, I keep shouting
Nothing is happening, and I look so stupid, everyone is stairing at me and the Chubby Penguin is shaking his head.
But I'm not shutting up, I need Charly. She always was the one who made everything more exctiting, I just wanted to see her again...
Her big grin, it always made her look full of mischeif, well she was...
Her messy brown hair, always stuck out in two bunches...
And her pendent...
I try to imagine her there... But I can't... Then I see her, shes looking at me
"Charly?" I ask running at her. It is her! I grab her hand,
"Charly, I was so worried!" I say. But Charly looks blank.
"Um I'm sorry, but do I know you?" She asks.
"Don't joke Charly! It's your sister!" I grin.
"I don't have a sister." Replies Charly.
"But Charly..." And then I notice that its not my Charly. Well it is Charly, but her life has been changed. Her hair is gently brushed back, she doesn't have the grin she always had. And her pendent is just all wrong.
"My name is Charlotte." She says. "But everyone calls me Lottie."
"But, but why not Charly, where is Lottie in your name?" I ask
"Charlotte has lotte at the end, so we say Lottie" Charly smiles.
"Charly -- I mean Lottie, Where do you live?" I ask
Charly looks at me. She thinks I'm mad.
"At this massive house" She says. "It has a floor, and we have our own fishing holes, and we have an attic, my bedrooms up there. If you like I'll show you."
"Yes please." I say, and we're off.
"Here is my bed." Says Charly, or Lottie as she is know as. "Her are my toys"
She has boxes of toys. Then she stops.
"You should go home now." She says, "Bye bye!"
I can't ask her anything because she pushes me away. I just climb down the ladder.
And the I see it...
A cookoo clock...
High on the shelf. I look around. No-one is there. I climb up the chair, and reach the clock.
Theres something pushed begind it. A book. I rench it out.
Its very dusty. I blow the dust of, still half the words and letters are missing.
It says: 'Every Villon is Lemons... or EVIL'.... How weird...


Tayla said...

I just want to comment on how much I love this story. I check it out EVERY day! KLepp it coming please!

Becky1507 said...

Cough, cough..


Tayla said...

wats rong with me liking t??????????????????

Tayla said...

ppl these days