Saturday, 13 September 2008

250th Post!

Edit In!! : Sorry guys! Not the 150th! 145th actually! Blogger got it wrong.. Sorry! Even longer one for the real150th though!! From Becky1507
Its the 250 post! So this will be longer. Anway I have good news! Well two pieces of good news! The Fall Fair is coming back! And our 2nd piece of good news is... Dun dun dun... We will be making another Club Penguin video. Not the Super Hero one though, and brand new video type. Here is a sneak Peak!
Anyway, until we make it, we might make a video with picture sneak peaks! Also Club Penguin have shown a Fall fair sneek peak. Here is the picture:
They Blue and pink things... They look like Candyfloss... Or Ice-cream? Why don't you guess? Lets do a poll to find out! Hurry for Polls!

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