Wednesday, 17 September 2008


We have a story coming out in parts! Tomorrow we will publish chapter one. Here is the thing that would normally be on the back of the book: It could change the world…’ “How? I just can’t understand you!” Two penguin sisters on Club Penguin are very poor. They have no father or mother to keep them safe, they mainly depend on each others wits to give them the supply or food and warmth… But an old, mysterious clock separates them, and they find themselves battling for everything. One has forgotten about her sister, and is left to find what she has forgotten… The other faintly remembers her sibling. Though this journey they learn this: ‘There is always someone out there’


Tayla said...

Cool! I also have a book! Mine tries to attract younger readers though, so it's more simple. It's about a girl penguin and her journey from the arctic to CP. It follows her as she adventures around all of CP. It will be posted here soon at my blog.
Thnx Becky and Poly,m

Poly and Xminipolo said...

kwl, we made another story visit: and click BPPS its our first story all about agents