Saturday, 16 August 2008

Party Party Party!

Well heres the plan for our igloo parties! First we will go to Poly's igloo, the Ship, and try to get a few penguins to walk the plank... This will get us all stressed and angry so then we go to my (Becky1507's) igloo, the Gym, to shake it all off and work the stress away... The Date Is: Monday 25th August 2008... And there might be a special guest coming too! No mentioning who though!! Heres a few events! Cloning: We will have a clonong contest and pick 3 penguins and see how many penguins can copy each of them... The winner will try to get cloned and if they cant get cloned they win but if they can the first penguin to clone them gets to be cloned and the same again, etc... By the way, "Cloning" Means copying an outfit. We won't include backgrounds and pins just the outfit... Ha Ha! : HAHA is the contest where we all huddle into a group and all type haha at the same time! It's really fun and looks cool! Stay stay stay! : See who can stay the longest! Will get a prize if you are there from the beginning to start or if you have stayed for the longest! My Favorite.. Fancy Dress: See who can come up with the coolest, unusualest, uncoolest, geekiest, weirdest costume! And a prize for the one who gets them all together! But thats the catergories... Coolest, Uncoolest, Most Unusual, Geekiest, Weirdest and ALL TOGETHER IN ONE!! After that, we get all the winners together and Poly Penguin will give them numbers, and Me and Searcher' will pick numbers and see who wins.. Or Vise Versa whatever... This is going to be incredibly fun! So! Cloning , Copy the outfit! HAHA!! , All get together and shout 'haha!' Stay Stay Stay!! , Stay for the longest and earn a prize! Fancy Dress , Match up an outfit that fits one of the catagories Also, heres our video... And if you can't see it, CLICK HERE. It's got songs of NOW 70, 3 songs: Dizzee Rascal - Dance Wiv Me Basshunter - All I Ever Wanted AND THE START OF... Rihanna - Take a Bow. AND THE CREDITS TUNE: Disney - The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers. Heres a pic from my old igloo spelling out CPH... From Becky1507..


Mix 'n' match CP fashion said...

what a shame i can't come. did u get ur coins back? anyway i think the special guest is jim jam. have u heard of her?

Becky1507 said...

Oooh! I'm afraid you're wrong!!

It was Snowdobby! He said he would come but he is going to London! He comes back the nex day!

I'm seriously gutted though!

I live in Wales! That's next to London!!

Great guess though.. Jim Jam 24, ofcourse I heard of her..! She's a hacker and a bad example so I wouldn't invite her! (OR Him!!)

See if all your friends can come!

It is....

Becky1507 and Poly Penguin's Igloo Party.
Server: Thermal
Time: ALL Day!!
Date: Monday 25th August
Place: We start at the Iceberg!

Such a shame you can't come! I'll mention you in my next post, Mix n Match!!